And Then You’re Dead by Cody Cassidy. Published by Penguin

A tongue in cheek, snarky (but scientifically accurate) look at what happens to you when….A host of horrific scenarios are named and then the authors proceed to tell you what would happen to you physically, bit by painful bit. Here are some examples – what happens when – you get your head cut off, you listen to the world’s loudest earphones or fall asleep in a really cold hot tub. I read with interest the stories about what would happen if your elevator fell from a skyscraper, what would happen if you were buried alive or if you airplane window popped out at 35,000 feet (all little phobias of mine).  And yes, you can survive some of those things, but not without gruesome and painful injuries. A gleeful look at some of our darkest fears


~ by cayocosta72 on March 10, 2017.

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