The Ultimatum by Karen Robards. Published by MIRA

Bianca St. Ives runs family business with her dad, and it’s not the kind of business you print out cards for. Known as the Guardian, she can out con the best of them, she can steal and lie her way out of any situation – except this one. She and her father made their living out of taking the money that con men stole from others, but now things have gone terribly wrong. Her father is dead and two hundred million dollars is missing along with some top-secret government documents. The Feds are not amused and they don’t believe that Bianca’s father is really dead. He’s been on their most wanted list for years and they plan to capture him using Bianca as bait. She only has her training and another “bad guy” to save her. She’ll need to uncover the truth about her father, fast, is she wants to live to see another sunrise. Robards ventures into the espionage genre with her latest and it’s a doozy. A strong, smart female protagonist sets the stage for a new series

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