Vixenhead by Eve Seymour. Published by HarperCollins UK

Roz has noticed a change in her partner Tom, he’s distracted, always looking over his shoulder. Then he disappears.Police don’t take his disappearance seriously, leaving the search up to Roz. To find him, she begins digging into her past only to learn that she never knew Tom at all. Does she really love this man? How can she is she doesn’t know who he is? Roz believes the answers she’s seeking will be found in Tom’s childhood home, Vixenhead. People say a house can’t be evil, but is that really true? Can a house absorb the terrible things that have gone on inside its walls? Roz believes she may yet be able to save Tom, but only if Vixenhead doesn’t claim her too. A creepy Gothic to read under the covers with a good cup of tea

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