I Know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen. Published by Ballantine

If you have only watched the television show Rizzoli & Isles, you have missed out on the real characters as Gerritsen wrote them – real women in male dominated roles who care more about their cases than their make-up. A horror movie producer is dead, from what might appear to be natural causes if one overlooks the fact that her eyeballs are in the palm of her hand. Medical examiner Maura Isles is shocked and surprised, as is Detective Jane Rizzoli. In all the bizarre cases they’ve worked, this one stands out. The killer isn’t done and it’s not long before Rizzoli and Isles are at the scene of another grotesque murder. There are few clues, and the only chance of catching this psychopath lies with the killer’s next victim. I have loved this series since the very beginning and tell everyone I know to read it- while completely divorcing the TV series from their minds. The only things the characters have in common with their book counterparts are names and occupations

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