The Good People by Hannah Kent. Published by Little, Brown

Fear and superstition take center stage in this novel of 19th century Ireland. After losing her husband, a heartbroken Nora begins caring for her grandson Michael, who was always a happy and healthy child. But since the death of both his mother and grandfather, the boy will not speak or even walk. Nora is joined by serving girl Mary as they try to help Michael and deflect the growing tide of rumor that casts Micheal as a changeling, guilty of causing death and misfortune. In desperation, Nora turns to elderly Nance, a woman once known as a healer to ask her to banish the “evil” in Michael. In a fight against the Church, prejudice and ignorance, three women battle for the life and soul of a child. Kent does for rural Ireland what she did for Iceland in Burial Rites in this stark and mesmerizing story


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