Spring at Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin. Published by Bookouture

Sometimes you just need a really good read, one that will lift you out of your doldrums. When I’m having a day (or week) like that, I reach for Holly Martin and I’m never disappointed. Bella is the kind of person who takes care of others before herself and always has a kind word to say, so when she finds a man in dire straits on her doorstep she offers him a  place to stay – with her. Bella believes Issac is a homeless man down on his luck, but she’s wrong. Issac has been lying to Bella and even as the two begin to develop feelings for each other, his secret looms over their heads. After being hurt in the past, Bella is wary of anyone lying to her. Can their budding romance survive his deception? Okay, I know none of us would invite a stranger to move in with us (no matter how good looking he was), but that’s the magic in Martin’s books, you can suspend disbelief and, for a little while, believe in happily ever after


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