Face Behind the Mask by Helen Phifer. Published by HarperCollins UK

Walter has found an old clown costume, one he feels compelled to try on. Once he’s in the outfit, he feels strange urges and desires overcome him, hears voices and begins to do the type  of things that never would have crossed his mind before. The costume was once the possession of 1950’s circus clown Tuffy, the kind of man that inspired clown phobia for a very real reason. Annie Ashworth may be on maternity leave, but when a serial killer begins stalking her town, the police officer becomes concerned. Annie can sense ghosts and she’s picking up the spirit of a troubled soul that needs to be put to rest – does it have anything to do with the terrible nightmares she’s having about a crazed clown? There is nothing creepier than a killer clown! Read this with the lights on!


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