Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler. Published by Twenty7

After a long day and terribly sad at the hospital where she works, Alex Taylor is anticipating a special date with her boyfriend, but she never makes it past the parking lot, or does she? The next thing Alex knows, she’s waking up in an operating room where she’s been restrained and placed in a very uncomfortable position. The “doctor” that enters the room threatens to do some terrible things to her and then administers a strong sedative. The nest time Alex opens her eyes, she in her own hospital, surrounded by her work friends who tell her she was found unconscious in the parking lot. It looks like she was struck in the head by a fallen branch. But Alex remembers every detail of her terrifying ordeal, and insists she was sexually assaulted…and worse. The examination she’s given shows no sign of the trauma she remembers and no one seems to believe her. They think shes’s hallucinating after hitting her head. What the hell really happened, and is it going to happen again? The single most terrifying opening to any book I have ever read


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