Pieces of Happiness by Anne Ostby. Published by Doubleday

This book came along at just the right time. Sometimes the world is a cold, inhospitable place and you need to find refuge. The best place to do that is in a book, and this book in particular will surround you with friendship, love, warm winds, and chocolate! Five high school friends have reached their sixties, a time in life where many things are ending. If they are offered a new beginning , will they take it? Kat has a cocoa farm in Fiji and has invited her old friends to come live with her – no more snow, no more man troubles, just sisterhood, sunshine and chocolate. Each of the women have led very different lives and each has a different reason for moving to Fiji, but once they are back together again, these women will find new purpose and hope for the future. I loved this book and desperately want a friend to invite me to live on an island in the sun! This book was an island of calm happiness in a time of crisis for me


Justice Delayed by Marti Green. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Defense attorney Dani Trumball works for an organization like Project Innocence, and this time out, she’s facing the execution of a mentally challenged man convicted of killing a 16-year-old girl twenty years before. The only witness to the crime? The five year old cousin the teen was babysitting. Dani doesn’t believe Jack committed the crime, but time is running out, and there is no one willing or able to speak up for him.  For Dani, who has an intellectually challenged son herself, this case quickly becomes personal. To save Jack’s life, Dani will have to do what police couldn’t do two decades earlier – find the real killer

Dying Games by Steve Robinson. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Jefferson Tayte returns in another genealogical thriller, and this time the murders appear to be personal. The murders are sadistic and bizarre and at each scene is a family history, linking all the victims to Tayte. The FBI calles him in for insight, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s helped solve a case like this. Nut even as he struggles to understand the clues left behind, more murders occur. While the cops are wondering of Tayte has lost his touch, the genealogist is only worried about stopping the killer before he can strike again. This is a fascinating mystery series, and while I think that it is best enjoyed that way, this book can be read as a standalone

Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski. Published by Trafalgar Square

Twenty years ago, a fifteen year old boy named Tom disappeared from a nature outing. His decomposing body was found a year later and deemed an accident by authorities. But was it really an accident? In 2017, a podcast started by Scott King aims to uncover the truth by interviewing each of the members of Tom’s camping party – all six of them. Readers are there for the whole story, from the beginning of the camping trip to the discovery of Tom’s body, and as all six tell their stories, readers will uncover one very big secret. The ending of this one took me by surprise – I never saw it coming

The Murder Game by M. J. Lee. Published by HarperCollins UK

A young woman has climbed out of a pit embedded with razor blades. Mortally wounded and bleeding profusely, she stumbles into Shanghai shouting the name of Inspector Danilov. With the girl dead, Danilov and his partner have few clues, but soon more people are killed, and each one has a message for Danilov. It would seem a killer has a very personal bone to pick with the inspector and he needs to figure out who before anyone else is killed. Lee captures turn of the twentieth century Shanghai so completely, I swear I could smell the smoke and city. If you haven’t read this series yet, do yourself a favor and start

Sealskin by Su Bristow. Published by Trafalgar Square

Having Irish grandparents, I was well acquainted with the Selkie legend; here Bristow uses the old tale to form the basis for her novel. Donald, a fisherman often ostracized by the other men in his village comes upon an unusual scene while fishing one night. He spies a group of beautiful, naked women, dancing in the moonlight. These women are Selkies, half human and half seal, and Donald rashly hides one of the seal skins they have temporarily shed. When they leave to go back to their watery home, one woman, unable to find her seal skin is trapped in human form. Donald takes advantage of the woman, then carries her home. His mother knows at once what has happened and also knows that a child will result from the brutal assault. What follows is the story of Donald, his mother Bridie, the Selkie and her children. Can Donald keep his strange, mute bride by his side forever, or will she someday return to the sea. An old tale of loss and heartbreak retold

Cursed by Thomas Enger. Published by Trafalgar Square

Henning Juul and his wife, Nora, divorced after the tragic death of their son. Jonas was killed in a house fire that Henning believes was set by someone who didn’t like a story the reporter wrote. Now, Nora and Henning are together again on the case of a missing woman, a man shot in what may or may not have been a hunting accident deep in the woods of Sweden and a wealthy and influential family headed by people who are used to buying whatever and whoever they want. Henning and Nora must face painful truths about the death of their son and the end of their marriage. This is part of a series, and while readers may gain more insight into the characters motivations if they read the earlier books, this can be read as a standalone title