Paradise Valley by C.J. Box. Published by St. Martins

The Lizard King was indeed a reptile of the most vile type. A predator, he hunted down and killed “disposable” women in truck stops and on the interstate for years. Cassie Dewell, an investigator for the North Dakota sheriff’s department has a plan to take him down once and for all. It’s the perfect plan and it works…up until it falls terrible and messily adapt. Disgraced and shamed, Cassie is out of a job. When the trouble boy, Kyle. she’s been working with runs away, his grandmother begs Cassie for help. With nothing else to do, Cassie agrees and soon realizes that Kyle is not off on the little joy ride he told everyone he was going on. With no one to believe her and no one to back her up, Cassie is on her own and she won’t stop until she finds Kyle. I loved this book on so many levels, probably most of all because Cassie didnt’t need to run to a man to save her. Great read

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