The Lies We Tell by Theresa Schwegel. Published by St. Martins

Chicago police detective Gina Simonetti has her hands full raising her niece by herself. Not only does she love her job, she desperately needs it to support her little family. That’s why she’s keeping her diagnosis of MS to herself. Gina doesn’t believe the disease will in any way compromise her police work. Then she had a confrontation with a suspect accused of plenty of things, including attacking his own mother. When Gina finds him in his mother’s hospital room, he runs and a chase that she can’t possibly win follows. She knows she need to find the guy and bring him in, it’s her job, but if se does, he can tell everyone her secret, that she’s no longer physically capable of doing her job. I’ve loved Schwegel’s cop dramas for years, so I was so glad to see she’s written a new one. This woman knows her stuff and brings readers into the harrowing world of a cop in trouble

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