Ruined Stones by Eric Reed. Published by Poisoned Pen

After her close encounter with a psychopath  in her little British village, Grace Baxter has moved tp the “big city” of Newcastle-on-Tyne. The city has a fascinating history dating back to Roman times and Grace enjoys exploring the town when she’s not working for the city’s police force. Not everything is sunshine and roses, the Germans are still dropping bombs and a young woman’s body has been found in the ruins of a Roman temple. With so many men off fighting, women have had to step in to fill jobs formerly held only by men, and that seems to have irked some of the locals, who belive women belong in the home. There are plenty of suspects for the young woman’s murder, and with the ongoing war, Grace often seems to be fighting a losing battle in her search for the killer, but determined to prove she’s her police officer father’s daughter, Grace won’t give u until the truth comes out. This is such a good historical mystery series. reed hits all the high notes with a spunky, savvy heroine, small town idiosyncracies and a tumultuous time in world history

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1 thought on “Ruined Stones by Eric Reed. Published by Poisoned Pen

  1. Thank you for this review, Cayocosta! Really appreciate the kind words and glad you enjoyed the novel!

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