The Dream Keeper’s Daughter by Emily Colin. Published by Ballantine

Some books grab you from the very first paragraph and this one captured me right away. Isabel is a talented archaeologist who throws every fiber of her being into her work. It’s only partly because she loves her job, she’s also trying to get over the disappearance of her boyfriend Max, eight years earlier. Now, she concentrates on digging up the past and caring for her daughter, Finn. She’s determined not to repeat the mistakes her father made searching for Isabel’s own lost mother. Then while on a dig in Barbados, she gets a phone call from someone who sounds remarkably like Max and who implores her to keep their daughter safe. What Isabel cannot know is that Max is alive, but in another time in the distant past. This story if far above the hackneyed time travel romances I used to read. Colin makes the impossible seem possible and brings the age-old adage about real love lasting forever, to life

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