Arrowood by Mick Finlay. Published by Harlequin

Who knew Sherlock Holmes was such a snob? London, 1895 is a bad time and place to be poor and defenseless. There aren’t enough coppers and crime bosses are running the city. People in the more affluent areas of the city turn to Sherlock Holmes for help. But in the borough of Southwark,residents turn to Arrowood, a man who makes no effort to hide his hatred of Holmes. Arrowood like his alcohol and his detecting and psychiatric learning may be self-taught, but he knows a think or two about this downtrodden section of London. Holmes may have Watson, but Arrowood has Barnett and the two of them are tracking down a vicious killer and notorious gang lord. There is nothing light-hearted in Finlay’s book; it’s as dark and murky as a London alleyway, but a hell of a lot more fun


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