The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter. Published by Lake Union

Meg Ashley grew up with everything her heart desired. Money was no problem after her mother published a blockbuster horror novel based on a real life murder. While Meg never lacked for physical possessions, she was often shunted aside and ignored, and now as an adult, to pay her mother back for years of neglect, Meg agrees to spill the beans and write a scandalous memoir about her family. As Meg explores her mother’s past, her research takes her to a small island off the Georgia coast and the odd woman who Meg’s mother based her book upon. Meg also begins learning things about the murder, things that someone wants to stay buried, things someone is willing to kill to keep quiet. I could tell from the description of this book I was going to like it and I was right. A creepy southern Gothic is always a welcome addition to my bookcase


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