Zero Sum by Barry Eisler. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Eisler returns to his popular Rain series with a trip back in time to a younger, but not necessarily more innocent John Rain. Back in Tokyo in 1982 after doing some shady work as a mercenary in the Philippines. The city is now run by a half Russian, half Japanese psycho who gives Rain the option of killing a government official or being killed himself. To get to the official, Rain works his way into the man’s wife, Maria’s life, but that puts him on the wrong side of the Russian mob. Surrounded by people who want him dead and a woman he has come to care for, Rain will have to choose what matters most – his life, or his honor. Eisler is the kind of author that appeals to people who love to read just as much as he does to people who “don’t see the point in reading”. His writing captures readers and non-readers alike


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