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Sisters Gina and Sallie inherit the French House, an antiques emporium in the English countryside from their aunt and set about modernising the business. The sisters, already best friends are drawn even closer to each other in the process and there’s a budding romance in the works for one of them. A pleasant way to pass a summer afternoon


Jen is a single mom to seven-year old Charlie. Her son is the center of her life, and she tries to set a good example for him by doing nice things for others, like helping out a neighbor in need. Unfortunately that good deed leads her down a dark road and she’s accused of committing a crime she had nothing to do with. Someone is out to get Jen…or are they out to get her child?

DI Milton Bowman’s picture perfect life starts to crumble after a murder and a car accident, leaving his police colleagues to wonder if he was hiding some dark and disturbing secrets. Everyone is under suspicion and no question too personal. This is not an easy book to breeze through, the characters and their motivations are complex and multilayered, but the storyline is worth it

We have a fascination with crime – from our love affair with reality crime shows to our thirst for crime novels and true crime stories, we can’t seem to get enough. Does this make us warped in some way? Perhaps, but luckily for us, there are people who actually take this fascination and funnel it into a career that helps us catch the bad guys, identify the missing or dead and make sense of it all, from car accidents to airplane crashes to murder and natural disasters. This is not an easy read, but it is a fascinating one highly recommended

Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are at the tail end of their honeymoon in Ireland when Emma’s grandfather’s home is broken i to. All evidence points to Oliver York, a man who was kidnapped by his the men who killed his parents thirty years earlier. The boy escaped, but the killers were never seen again…until recently. Oliver is no stranger to Emma and Colin and their relationship is fraught with tension and mistrust, but also a genuine liking for the man. Oliver, meanwhile, has disappeared, leaving a dead body in his wake. What do the break-in and the dead man have to do with the ordeal Oliver faced three decades before? And who can Emma and Colin trust? This long running series from Neggers is still exciting and fans of British crime thrillers will find much to like here

This hard hitting novel looks at the controversy concerning parents who believe immunizing their children against childhood diseases can cause autism or even death. Kate O’Hara’s daughter Rosie has a rare disorder that prevents her from being immunized, so all Kate can do is hope that the other children her daughter goes to school with have had their shots. But when another mother and her husband decide not to immunize their child against measles for fear of health repercussions, both their daughter, Clara and Rosie, in the same class at school come down with the disease. AS both children fight for their lives, accusations fly and blame is placed on both parents. This is a timely and deeply disturbing story about the refusal of some parents to vaccinate their children

I started reading Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts at the same time…way back in the distant past and while Nora Roberts books are a pleasant diversion, Sandra Brown can still grab me by the throat and totally immerse me in her books. It’s been 25 years since Major Trapper became a hero for saving people from a hotel that had been hit by a bomb. The photo of him emerging from the Pegasus hotel with a group of survivors is iconic. Now, TV journalist Kerra Bailey wants to interview the man who dropped off the grid after the bombing 25 years earlier. Her strategy is to try to get close to the man’s son, John Trapper, an ex ATF agent, in hopes of gaining access to his father. Trapper, however wants nothing to do with his father, or the reporters chasing after him. It’s only when Kerra reveals that there’s much more to his father’s story of heroism than meets the eye that he becomes interested. How much does Trapper know about what really happened that fateful day 25 years earlier? And who will do anything to keep the truth from coming to light? Trademark Sandra Brown, full of surprises, twists and unforgettable characters