Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan. Published by Lake Union

Pino Leila is a typical Italian teenager, more interested in girls than the war raging around him. Still, he gets swept up in the conflict when his family’s home is destroyed by Allied bombs. Realizing he cannot sit idly by, Pino begins helping Jews escape Italy through the Alps and that’s when he meets and falls in love with Anna, a widow a few years older than he. He’s content to carry on with his work, but his parents, worried for his safety, enlist him in the German army. After he’s injured, Pino is assigned to be the chauffeur for one of Hitler’s top men in Italy, General Hans Leyers. He now has access to information directly from Nazi High Command and is able to get crucial information to the Allies, but his work will not come without cost and Pino may have to decide between the woman he loves and the fate of the free world. Based on a  true story, this is a tale of honor, courage, love and the ultimate sacrifice. Highly recommended

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