The Other Girl by Erica Spindler. Published by St. Martins

Miranda Rader grew up poor and rough in a small town in Louisiana. She might have had a very different future if it weren’t for one terrible night. Fifteen years on and Miranda is not the girl she used to be, she’s a tough, fair, by the books cop in a town not far away from where she grew up. She has a good reputation and she’s not about to let anything mar it. Then she catches the case of a murdered college professor in one of the most gruesome cases Miranda has ever seen. But it’s the little piece of newspaper at the scene that really scare the young cop – it’s all about that night 15 years ago. And when the cop that was on her case all those years ago ends up dead, Miranda knows the only think linking the two victims……is Miranda. When evidence at the first murder seems ti implicate her, Miranda will have to go back to that long ago night and the memories, and instincts, she’s kept buried for years to protect not only her innocence and her reputation, but her life. I have loved Spindler’s books for twenty years now. She keeps her characters fresh and her plot lines original. This is a doozy, and the perfect summer night read


~ by cayocosta72 on May 3, 2017.

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