Christmas in London by Anita Hughes. Published by St. Martins

It all starts with some overcooked buns…. Louisa Graham is working nonstop in a Manhattan bakery when a breathless assistant for a cooking TV show bursts in begging for cinnamon rolls. It seems the buns that were to be on the show were burned. Even thought Louisa baked the cinnamon rolls, she’s not the bakery owner, but she decides to  sell the buns to the desperate assistant. The next day, Louisa finds out that her rolls were a huge hit, so huge in fact that the TV show wants Louisa to fill in for their baker, who hae taken ill. Louisa will need to pack her bags, because the whole show is headed to London for Christmas to prepare the Christmas Eve meal at Claridge’s. This is a fun, light story about finding love and good luck when you least expect it

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