We Are All Shipwrecks by Kelly Grey Carlisle. Published by Sourcebooks

In her memoir, Kelly recounts her very unconventional childhood. Found in a motel room dresser drawer by the detective working her mothers murder, the infant Kelly is placed with first one, then another set of grandparents. Her formative years are spent with her grandfather and his wife, whom Kelly will call “mom”. Her grandfather tells glorious tales of his past, as a war hero, a member of the British peerage and a concentration camp survivor. In his current life, his money comes from the porn star he owns. Kelly and her grandparents move from a regular home to a huge old boat anchored at a marina filled with people society has forgotten about, the sick, the disabled or those running from the law. Her unconventional childhood is filled with both joy and despair as she lives a life unlike any of her schoolmates. As she matures, Kelly begins to understand the dynamics between her grandparents and becomes to determined to find out who really killed her mother and ends up looking into one of the most notorious serial killer cases in history. I was torn between feeling sorry for Kelly and envying her. A compelling read


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