Part of the Silence by Debbie Howells. Published by Kensington

When Charlotte hears a woman has been attacked in her small Cornish village she doesn’t think too much about it, until she sees a picture of the woman in the newspaper. Identified as Evie, and claiming that her three-year old daughter was taken during the attack, the woman is physically and mentally wrecked. But Charlotte recognizes the woman as Jen, a girl she knew years before. Jen was babysitting for a three year old girl when the child vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. Charlotte agrees to work with police to help them work with “Evie” to see if they can retrieve the woman’s memory. As police search Evie’s home, they find no evidence that a child ever lived there. Is Evie remembering the child she lost years ago instead of her own daughter? And what is Charlotte’s motive, she says she cares, but something about her doesn’t ring true. Told from multiple viewpoints, this thriller is an intricate and fascinating puzzle

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