My Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts. Published by HarperCollins UK

No one gets out of this life alive – and sometimes it seems the world is determined to beat the stuffing out of you along the way. Claire has made it through the last year, barely, surviving cancer and the implosion of her marriage and now she’s looking forward to three weeks of sun and sand in her cottage on the Northumberland coast. Then she discovers the man in the neighboring cottage, Ed seems to be just as beat up by life as she is. Claire wanted this trip to be a solo experience, a chance to relax and just be glad she’s made it through the year, she certainly didn’t entertain any ideas of romance. But maybe, just maybe, two down on their luck souls can help each other out? What I loved about this story is that it wasn’t just about Claire’s relationship with Ed, it was about all the people in her life, people she loved and loved her in return. A truly lovely story

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