Beyond the Sea by David L. Golemon. Published by St. Martins

A Soviet era battle ship reported sunk in 1944, all its crew dead has been spotted in 2017 by an American submarine, sailing the ocean. With rhetoric and sabre rattling between the U.S. and Russia, the U.S. Navy declare the derelict ship salvage under international law before the Russians can arrive on scene. The president calls on the Event Group to figure out why the supposedly sunken ship has reappeared. Soon they are facing off with the Russian Navy, whose officers make it clear they want their property back. But that’s nothing compared to what both groups will face when they realize why the Simbirsk is still afloat, why it appears to be in good as new operation. Golemon provides readers with an exciting, heart pumping read and a welcome distraction from all the frightening things happening in Washington – for real


~ by cayocosta72 on May 17, 2017.

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