Shark Island by Chris Jameson. Published by St. Martins

We see it in the news all the time, Great White sharks are appearing in record numbers off the Northeastern coast of the U.S. Is it global warming? Whatever the reason, we all shudder, there’s a primordial fear of things larger and more dangerous than humans. In this story, Naomi Cardiff, a woman who survived a shark attack, now studies the creatures behavior. When sightings of large groups of sharks and then shark attacks occur off the coast of Massachusetts, she and a group of scientists struggle to figure out why. Now, with a Nor’easter bearing down and the scientists’ ship sinking at sea, they are forced to abandon ship and try to survive on a tiny island in an ocean full of hungry predators. The perfect beach read, although you may decide to stay out of the water!


~ by cayocosta72 on May 17, 2017.

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