House of Secrets by Lynda Stacey. Published by Choc Lit

Sadly, it’s not a unique story, Madeleine Frost has a partner that has become so controlling and demanding that she fears for her life and the life of her little girl. Poppy. Maddie decides to leave Liam and she’s desperate enough to turn to her estranged father and the magnificent old hotel he owns in Yorkshire. Once there, she begins the painful process of reacquainting herself with her father and also meets the game keeper, an ex-marine with a pastoast named “Bandit”. The marine and battered woman unite over an old journal they find that details the history of the Hall and its residents. But even as Maddie and Bandit grow closer, Liam is planning his revenge. If he can’t have Maddie, no one will. While domestic abuse is not the sole topic of this story, it does bring to light the tremendous problem that women face the world over. A sobering look (with a hopeful outcome) at an all too frequent problem

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