The Orphan of India by Sharon Maas. Published by Bookouture

It seems like a wonderful chance at a new life. Jyothi has been living on the streets of Bombay after her mother was taken in a terrible accident. Monika and Jack Kingsley, who want a child, fall in love with the little orphaned girl and bring her back to England with them. But the transition is not easy for Jyothi and she once again finds solace in the music she loved in India. It is soon obvious she has a natural talent for music, but even that does not soothe her troubled heart. Maas makes India come alive, from the beautiful to the profane, she makes her readers see the country. And she also touches a chord with the truth that we as Westerners often forget – a new home may mean more opportunities, but it will never replace the home left behind


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