How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst. Published by Atria

It’s been three years since Susan Webster killed her infant son, Dylan. She has no memory of the event and has been housed in a psychiatric facility ever since. Now, out on parole with a new identity as Emma Cartwright, she finds lodgings with a fellow inmate (also convicted of murder) in a small town. Emma has always doubted the story about her son’s death, and lately, she begins to believe he’s actually still alive. She joins forces with a journalist to try to uncover the truth, but almost immediately, her house is broken into and threats come pouring in. What really happened to Dylan? Is Emma unable to accept the truth or is he still alive somewhere. Okay, so there are a few parts of this story that strain credulity (like a journalist eager to help appearing out of nowhere), but this is a novel, not nonfiction. Go along for the thrill ride and enjoy

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