Seeing Red by Sandra Brown. Published by Grand Central

I started reading Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts at the same time…way back in the distant past and while Nora Roberts books are a pleasant diversion, Sandra Brown can still grab me by the throat and totally immerse me in her books. It’s been 25 years since Major Trapper became a hero for saving people from a hotel that had been hit by a bomb. The photo of him emerging from the Pegasus hotel with a group of survivors is iconic. Now, TV journalist Kerra Bailey wants to interview the man who dropped off the grid after the bombing 25 years earlier. Her strategy is to try to get close to the man’s son, John Trapper, an ex ATF agent, in hopes of gaining access to his father. Trapper, however wants nothing to do with his father, or the reporters chasing after him. It’s only when Kerra reveals that there’s much more to his father’s story of heroism than meets the eye that he becomes interested. How much does Trapper know about what really happened that fateful day 25 years earlier? And who will do anything to keep the truth from coming to light? Trademark Sandra Brown, full of surprises, twists and unforgettable characters

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