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Since her parents have retired, it’s up to Robin Brennan to come home to take up the rains at the Campion Bay Guesthouse. The problem is, there aren’t many guests, probably because the  property is looking seriously dated.  Well, since her life in London has gone down in flames, maybe reworking the old house will perk her up and bring in a few more guests, too. With the chance at reviving an old love affair, or maybe starting a new one, along with all the work on the guesthouse and the new friends she’s making, Robin won’t have time to miss her old life as she builds a new, happier one, right at home


Even a glimmer of suspicion in a case involving the disappearance of a missing child can ruin a person’s life. That’s what happened to Karl Lawson after his 13-year-old niece disappeared. Police may not have picked him as their prime suspect, but journalist Amanda Bowe did, and her stories crucified him in the press and the court of public opinion. Lawson loses everything, while Amanda goes on her merry way, with a thriving career and a happy family, complete with a little boy. Then everything changes, and Amanda finds out what it’s like to have your life destroyed and everything you love ripped away from you

When a young boy is killed in a hit and run, the suspect, a member of the navy stationed at a nearby base is cleared of all charges after crucial evidence disappears. Seattle detective Tracy Crosswhite knows this isn’t her battle to fight, but she can’t let the case go.  It soon becomes obvious the suspect in the case has ties to a number of heroin overdoses in the area and Tracy has to wonder why the Navy is working so hard to keep one of their own from facing justice? Could it be that one or more of his superiors have something to gain by sweeping the whole incident under the rug? I’m so glad Dugoni is keeping this series going – every book gets better as Tracy becomes more believable. One of my favorite heroines in a current series

It’s been three years since Susan Webster killed her infant son, Dylan. She has no memory of the event and has been housed in a psychiatric facility ever since. Now, out on parole with a new identity as Emma Cartwright, she finds lodgings with a fellow inmate (also convicted of murder) in a small town. Emma has always doubted the story about her son’s death, and lately, she begins to believe he’s actually still alive. She joins forces with a journalist to try to uncover the truth, but almost immediately, her house is broken into and threats come pouring in. What really happened to Dylan? Is Emma unable to accept the truth or is he still alive somewhere. Okay, so there are a few parts of this story that strain credulity (like a journalist eager to help appearing out of nowhere), but this is a novel, not nonfiction. Go along for the thrill ride and enjoy

It seems like a wonderful chance at a new life. Jyothi has been living on the streets of Bombay after her mother was taken in a terrible accident. Monika and Jack Kingsley, who want a child, fall in love with the little orphaned girl and bring her back to England with them. But the transition is not easy for Jyothi and she once again finds solace in the music she loved in India. It is soon obvious she has a natural talent for music, but even that does not soothe her troubled heart. Maas makes India come alive, from the beautiful to the profane, she makes her readers see the country. And she also touches a chord with the truth that we as Westerners often forget – a new home may mean more opportunities, but it will never replace the home left behind

Diana answers the death-bed plea from her great-aunt to restore their family’s honor by righting a decades old wrong. The quest give Diana a chance to leave her cheating husband behind in Germany as she ventures from England to a tea plantation is Sri Lanka. With the help of local writer, Jonathan Singh, Diana uncovers the story of her great, great grandmother Grace Tremayne and her sad and tragic past in colonial Ceylon.  I loved this story, the best part was about Grace and the beautiful, savage life she lived in Ceylon

Lawyer Nora Linda finds peace and comfort on the Swedish island of Sandhamn, but that all changes when her sons find a severed arm in the water there. The arm turns out to belong to a missing twenty year old woman who has been missing for months and reunites Nora with childhood friend turned police detective, Thomas Andreasson. Both Nora and Thomas look into the missing girls past, trying to understand why and how she was killed, and in doing so, expose the secrets of the not so peaceful Sandhamn Island. Nordic Noir at its best