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In Russia, at the dawn of 1916, Marina Makarova has never known what it’s like to be cold or hungry. She has always had the privileges awarded her class, but the coming revolution sweeps her up, and she finds herself marching for rights for workers, food and lodging for all. In the course of turning her back on all she has ever known, Marina falls in love with a poet and soon learns, firsthand, what it’s like to be betrayed herself.¬† An incredibly rich and detailed story of a young woman becoming an adult in one of the most violent places and times in modern history


At a dinner party, two couples discover there’s a lot they don’t know about each other. Ben and Martin have been friends since they were children, or maybe Martin was just in total awe of his wealthy, perfect friend and Ben liked¬† the adoration. Whatever the reason, Ben’s wife, Serena, jokingly sneers at her husband’s friend for the man’s adoration of her husband. Lucy loves her husband, content to take a back seat to Ben, who seems to always be first in her husband’s affections. If you’re thinking this sounds like the perfct set-up for a disaster, you’re right. The day after the dinner party celebrating Ben’s birthday, Martin is in police custody, and Lucy will be forced to admit she never really knew her husband or his friends, at all. Taking place primarily over the course of one night, this is a story that builds slowly and inexorably to a fever pitch of tension

Brie Hooker (love that name) is a vegan chef who lives on a large goat farm with her aunt. Despite her vegan sensibilities, Brie helps her grandmother with her dairy farm, but then things start getting weird. A pet pig roots out a human skull that just happens to belong to the “long-lost” husband of Brie’s aunt Eva. The cops, of course, like Eva for the murder, but Brie knows that even though her aunt has quite a temper, there’s no way she would kill anyone. Brie sets out to prove her aunt’s innocence, but to do that, she’ll have to unmask the real killer. A fun. snarky, cozy mystery

Sometime, life sucks. Jancy Wilson has been stranded in Pick, Texas with no money or prospects after her car died a spectacular death in the little town. She can’t decide if it’s good luck or bad, but the Strawberry Hearts Diner needs a waitress and she has worked there before, after all. For the first time in her life, Jancy allows herself to form attachments to the people she works with and the customers who frequent the little diner. There may even be a chance to reignite an old love affair. If you are looking for a sweet little story where people and love of place take center stage, then this is the book for you

There is no task librarians love and loathe more than weeding, or one more misunderstood by patrons. All books, good or bad, have a shelf life – they may be tattered and torn from too much love or neglected and lonely because they are out of date, unattractive, or just plain poorly written. Spence’s homage to the books in her collection, both the keepers and tthose that must go to the great book drop in the sky, will resound not only with librarians, but all book lovers. A true testament to our devotion to the written word

Detective Kate Matthews has been transferred after the death of her police partner. She’s immediately thrown to the wolves when a body is found in a warehouse by the docks. Kate is bound and determined to get her feet back under her and put away the killer, but even as she stalks a murderer, she, herself is being shadowed. Breaking into her home, terrorizing her and threatening the life of a child if she tries to solve the case. The killer is on a rampage, leaving a trail of bodies with macabre clues that Kate must solve if she is to stop the killing. Intense and creepy

Ragan begins a new series featuring PI Jessie Cole and investigative reporter Ben Morrison. The two are united by a tragedy that literally destroyed their worlds a decade earlier. Jessie, who finds missing persons for a living, has never forgiven herself for not being able to find her own sister, Sophie. Ben was in a terrible auto accident that nearly took his life and his sanity, and that did cost his a good part of his memory. Strangely, the one thing he remembers is Sophie, but where and how she fir in his life, he can’t remember. Now, a dormant serial killer has risen from under the rocks where he’s been hiding and he has a very specific target in mind. Ragan creates the best heroines – believable, strong and take no prisoners, kick ass women