13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough. Published by Flatiron

13 minutes, that’s how long Tash was dead. Luckily a dog walker found her in the water and emergency services was able to revive her, but she remembers nothing of the night before and how she ended up in the water. Her two friends/sycophants rally by her side, even as the two exchange ominous text messages about hoping Tash doesn’t remember. Meanwhile, Tash’s best friend from elementary school, Becca, discarded by Tash when she didn’t measure up as popular or pretty enough, senses something is wrong with the Barbies, as she calls Tash’s two hangers-on. What evolves is a twisted story of jealousy, sex and revenge. Just when you think you have this story figured out, you’ll discover you’re wrong. Terrorists have nothing on teenage girls!


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