Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe by Abbie Williams. Published by Central Avenue

After catching her husband red handed with another woman, Jo takes her daughters and heads home to Landon, Minnesota for the summer. Her family, who run the Shore Leave Cafe by the lake, welcome her with open arms. A family of strong women, they take Jo under their wings to help her recover. Romance is the last thing on Jo’s mind, but she can’t help being drawn to Blythe Tilson, a cafe employee with a trouble past. Should she even attempt to get involved again? And what about the family curse, the one that says the women of the family are destined to lose the man they love? This was a funny, touching, bittersweet story, and I loved that the women in the book were capable of taking care of themselves. Part of a series, this can be read as a standalone, but will resonate more with readers if they read all the books


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