White Chrysanthemum by Mary Lynn Bracht. Published by Putnam

Sisters Hana and Emi live on the Korean island of JeJu, where Hana is a haenyeo, a woman who free dives for pearls. It’s 1943 when Hana makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister when the Japanese invade and Emi is threatened. Hana becomes a “comfort woman”, one of the thousands of women pressed into service to become sex slaves for Japanese troops from 1943 and through the Korean War. Emi has spent her entire life trying to forget, atone, or make some sort of peace with what her sister sacrificed with her. It’s only now, 60 years later, as Emi’s life draws to a close that she will confront the memories she has tried to block for so long. This is an incredible book, made even more heart wrenching because there were real Hanas out there – perhaps hundreds of thousands. Told in the voices of both sisters, this is a cruel and beautiful story about honor and devotion. A must read for fans of All the Light We Cannot See

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