Between Lost and Found by Shelly Stratton. Published by Kensington

Janelle Marshall was raised by her unconventional grandfather, Little Bill and while she appreciates all he did for her, she has carved out a very different sort of life for herself as an adult, a safe, ordinary life. But when she hears her grandfather has gone missing, Janelle rushes back to Mammoth Falls, South Dakota, a place she had vowed never to see again. She just wants to find her grandfather and go home, but Little Bill is proving to be elusive. Janelle has to look to the eccentric locals for help, and she’s surprised to find them helpful, odd, but kind, each a product of their own difficult pasts. This is a lovely story about not taking people at face value, at looking beyond the obvious and finding something wonderful


~ by cayocosta72 on June 14, 2017.

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