Death Overdue by Brook Allison. Published by Crooked Lane

Carrie Singleton is excited to take on her first big event after becoming the head of programming at Clover Ridge’s  haunted library (it has a ghost!). Carrie invites retired detective Al Buckley to speak. Buckley believes he know who killed library assistant Laura Foster, fifteen years ago. During his talk, he fall down dead, but this was no heart attack. The detective had been poisoned. Carrie feels responsible for the man’s death. She believes the same person who killed Laura killed Al, to keep him quiet. Determined to find the killer and get justice for both Laura and Al, sets out to unmask the killer. Even her own friendly, resident library ghost may be able to keep Carrie safe. I got such a kick out of this story! As a librarian who is constantly asked if my own library is haunted (sadly, the answer is no), I loved Carrie and her library ghost

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