Heaven’s Crooked Finger by Hank Early. Published by Crooked Lane

Earl Marcus has left his father R.J.’s tyrannical church and his Georgia hometown far behind and he’s content to stay far away. The a photo arrives at Earl’s house, a photo of his father, taken long after the man was supposedly dead. Earl goes back to the Church of the Holy Flame to get the truth, only to have his father’s followers’ tell Earl that his father has risen from the dead. The disappearance of local teenage girls is ignored. The girls later reappear, with strange tattoos on them. Does all this have anything to do with the well that lies on one of the mountains in the region? A well said to contain otherworldy power. Earl wants nothing more than to leave tis cursed place behind him, but he knows he will never rest until he learns the truth about his father, no matter how ugly it may be. This book made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Is there anything scarier than a group of backwoods bible thumpers willing to take the law into their own hands in “god’s name”?

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