Perennials by Julia Cantrell. Published by Thomas Nelson

Eva, or Lovey as she’s called, and her sister Bitsy, grew up in Mississippi. A tragic fire during their girlhood damaged their mother’s prized perennial garden and injured one of Lovey’s friends. Bitsy, who seemed to be the perfect. daughter, the one who married well, blamed Lovey for the fire. By the time she’s 18, Lovey has had enough, she spurns a suitor and hightails it to Arizona, as far away as she can get from the deep South and her painful memories. She forges a good life for herself, with a successful career, but ar 45. she hasn’t met anyone she wants to spend her life with. Then she gets a call that twists her stomach into knots, her father wants her to come home to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary. That means Lovey will have to see Bitsy again and be reminded of all the things she wasn’t. But family comes first, so Lovey journeys back to Oxford to confront her past, little knowing that in doing so, she will find herself.


~ by cayocosta72 on June 22, 2017.

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