The Night Market by Jonathan Moore. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Detective Ross Carver is on the scene of a murder in a stately home, trying to figure out what the hell is all over his victim. Whatever it is, it appears to be dissolving the man’s skin. Carver is still musing when federal agents storm the house and frog march him to a trailer to be decontaminated where he’s forced to drink a noxious liquid that gives him seizures and then given electrical shocks until he passes out. When he comes to his senses two days later, he’s in his own bed, while his neighbor Mia reads aloud to him. What the hell? He has little memory of what happened before he came to, but Mia tells him he was carried home by two cops who said he’s been poisoned. Thus begins one of the most twisted, puzzling books I’ve read this year. Moore is a master at creating suspense, this book is not be missed

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