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Philly and Lorna are working on the grounds of a grand old estate, trying to restore the gardens when they come across the remains of a secret garden. They become excited about restoring the garden and having a huge end of summer bash there. Romance, misunderstandings and family meddling abound in this delightful summer read


When a decomposed body is found in a storage unit, detective Robyn Carter has little to go on. No one knows who rented the unit, and any clues on the body are impossible to read. When another body is found, the terrible circumstances give Robyn the opportunity to compare the scars on the first body to that of the second. It becomes clear that one killer is to blame. But other than that, clues are few and far between and when a girl close to Robyn disappears, she will have to use all her skills as a detective to save her life 

If you are looking for a coming of age story to rival Stand by Me or December Park, look no further. It’s 1986 when Eddie and his mates are pedaling around their little village town looking for excitement. They create their own with Chalk Man. Chalk Man is a secret code the boys use to communicate, only they understand the symbols. Then one day a Chalk Man leads the boys to a dismembered body. 30 years later Eddie gets a letter with a Chalk Man symbol and so do all his old pals. It must be some kind of joke, or so they think until one of them ends up dead. What really happened in 1986? Eddie will have to return to boyhood to uncover the terrible truth 

Time Out guides can always be counted on to show tourists the best and most important places to see, as well as some of the lesser known and in the case of Florence, some of the intriguing modern sights as well. Reliable information about where to stay, eat and visit accompanied by sumptuous photographs 

Once upon a time Dante Malcolm was a member of one of the most infamous intelligence agencies in the world – MI6, but he’s kept that information from his new colleagues at Gravediggers. His past is a secret because he couldn’t bring down infamous criminal Simon Locke, simply because Malcolm and Locke are one in the same. Malcolm may think he’s fooled his old colleagues in Britain, but he’s wrong because agent Liv Rothschild of Interpol has got suspicions she intends to prove out. An intense game of cat and mouse 

Dr Annabelle Schwartz has had a double mastectomy and is undergoing brutal rounds of chemo, but she refuses to sit back and rest. As a medical examiner, she’s called to a murder, one that becomes very personal when the victim turns out to be her oncologist. Killed by an overdose of the very drugs that Annabelle is taking to save her life, Annabelle and detective Hal Harris must determine why someone would want to kill a person dedicated to preserving life

In the glitzy, drug obsessed days of 1978 Hollywood, fading star Vivian Lockhart falls hard for Giovanni Moretti. It looks as if all her dreams are coming true until Vivian meets his sister and learns disturbing facts about his family and his past. Decades later,  Lucy Whittaker is looking for a place to be completely alone so she can forget about her life, but life at Castillo Barbarossa is anything but peaceful. There are odd sounds from the attic at night and rumors about the house and the silent fountain that still fills with water keep Lucy from getting any type of r and r. Her research leads her to Vivian, two women linked by a house of secrets and dread