Secret Shores by Ella Carey. Published by Lake Union 

Two women separated by over 40 years share a connection in this engrossing story. In 1946 Australia, Rebecca Swift dreams of becoming a famous artist but her dreams, and more disappear into the ocean. Years later, editor Tess Miller has lost her best client to a rival publisher and has nothing to show for it but a man she considers a washed up poet. But it turns out that poet has an incredible story of love and mystery about a woman named Rebecca Swift


Days of Night by Jonathan Stone. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Retired cop, Joe Heller is not only investigating Antartica’s first murder, he’s dealing with a pathogen that could mean the end of humanity. Locked in McMurdo Station over winter, Heller is dealing with the sometimes crazy inhabitants of McMurdo, contemplating the potential end of humanity, and trying to solve a murder when another killing takes place. This is a book you won’t want to put down. The close confines of a place you can’t leave, a deadly virus and a killer on the loose. Whew!

When You Disappeared by John Marrs. Published by Thomas &Mercer

When Catherine wakes up and her husband is gone, she’s sure he’s just gone running. But he doesn’t show up at work either. Catherine knows Simon would never walk away from her and their children. But she’s wrong. Simon has been living a lie and making Catherine live one too. While she worries, Simon is on the other side of the world trying to hide evidence of who he is and what he does. Heart pounding 

The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson. Published by Bookouture 

It’s been thirteen years since then 6 year old Olivia disappeared from her own backyard, setting off a storm of anger and disbelief in her small British town. Now Olivia is back….or is she? Her mother is sure this teenager is her long lost daughter, but others aren’t so sure. Is there a reason some people would rather Olivia never return? What does she know and who wants to keep her quiet? Forever?

The Milk Lady of Bangalore by Shoba Narayan. Published by Algonquin

After living as a cookbook writer in New York for years, Shoba opts to return home to Bangalore and her family. She quickly befriends her local milk lady as the two women bond over their love of cows. Luckily India is a place where cows are held in very high esteem and it’s not long before the two women decide to buy a cow of their own. Often amusing, always touching, this is a book that will have you smiling 

The Blind by A.F.  Brady. Published by Park Row

Sam James is a highly esteemed psychologist at the Typhlor psychiatric institute in Manhattan. She has a chaotic personal life, but at work, her patients come first. When a new patient shows up, no one wants to take him on, so Sam gets the honors. Strangely, Richard seems perfectly normal, other than his bizarre past. Sam begins to wonder why Richard is even at the the institution. Who is analyzing who?

Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra. Published by Mira

Rose Blakey dreams of becoming a journalist, but she’s got a line of rejections from local papers as long as her arm. She’s making ends meet working at a local bar when the local courthouse burns down, killing a small boy. Any thought that life would return to normal is dismissed when someone starts leaving creepily accurate dolls on the steps on the steps of the families the dolls resemble. Rose may finally have her story but at what cost?