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Dr. Iris Ballard is eager to get away from the press that has been clamouring for interviews after Iris caught a cunning serial killer. But she won’t have any time to relax or reconnect with her sometime boyfriend ans ex FBI agent Luke, because she has to head home to Grey Mills, Pennsylvania to save her twin brother. Billy has dumped his fiance and cleaned out all their savings to join a cult called New Saturday Movement. Iris is sure she’s smarter than the cult’s leader, Mathias Morning, but she’s in for a surprise. Morning is no dummy and he’s ready for Iris. Soon, Iris is fighting for her life and the life of her brother.¬† I love Iris Ballard, she’s a complicated, wildly imperfect heroine.


Who doesn’t love a mystery with a librarian as the protagonist? Amy Webber has left her college library job behind along with her broken heart and moved in with an aunt in small town Virginia. There shes tries to forget her sorrow by taking over the reins of a small public library that is severely underfunded (like every library). The last thing she wants is to get involved with another man, but Richard is a charming man who is trying to clear the name of an ancestor accused of murder most foul neatly 100 years ago. Amy uses her formidable research skills to help uncover the answers in this lively cozy

Antarctica  Рcold, bleak, desolate, inaccessible. A place where you do not want things to go wrong. But there are five scientists together in this frozen wasteland trying to piece together an ancient and terrifying mystery. There appears to be a lost world beneath the ice, populated by a creature that appears to have made its way across the globe millenia ago. Luckily, they appear to be long dead, or are they? I love stories set in Antarctica, the knowledge that the protagonists are cut off from civilization and beyond help makes the book that mush more exciting. This one is a nail biter

When Shirley Randolph is found dead, local townspeople believe her old love interest is to blame. But Wyatt McBride isn’t only the current (kind of) love interest of Piper Prescott, he’s also the chief of police. Piper, owner of the Spice It Up shop, is not about to let someone she cares about get sent up the river for something she knew he didn’t do. She begins investigating herself, determined to track down the real killer, and she must be on the right track, because the killer has set his sights on her! A fun cozy that I enjoyed, not just because of the characters, but because of the tidbits of information about spices

In the mid 1970’s, Leni, her father Ernt and her mother Cora begin a new life in the wilds of Alaska. Leni doesn’t remember what her father was like before the Vietnam War,and even though her mother assures her that he was a kind and loving man, all Leni knows is that now, her father is volatile and often violent. Believing he can start fresh in Alaska, he and his little family make a new home on a spit of land there over the ocean. The locals are welcoming, but also full of warnings about the realities of living in Alaska, especially in the winter. While things begin well for the family, as the dark and long days of winter descend and alcohol flows freely, Leni and her mother will discover that the wild animals and ferocious weather are not what they should fear the most. This was one of the most incredible stories I’ve read in quite a while, I completely forgot everything going on around me as I spent the day with Leni, her family and the wild beauty of Alaska. One of the best books of the year

Small town living just never seemed right to Roxanne, so as soon as she could she traded her little village of Burley Ridge for the glitz of London. She became a fashion editor and fell in love with a photographer. Life was almost perfect until said photographer dumped her. With her heart broken, Roxanne craves the comfort of home and family and heads back to Yorkshire and her sister, Della.¬† Roxanne is surprised to feel almost happy in her small village, the people there are nice and genuinely kind. What’s more, local bakery owner, Michael and she hit it off. What starts as a friendship has the promise of becoming something more, if Roxanne can give up the glamour of London for small town life. Homes is the place where they have to take you in, or so the saying goes, and that’s what really appealed to me about this story. A warm, loving family, caring neighbors and a man who can bake. Who could ask for more?

Ella Daniels is betting that the atmosphere in the old house on the East Sussex Coast will help her write her new suspense story, so she and her family move in. But when she hears about a series of long ago murders in the area, Ella wonders if the house might just have too much “atmosphere”. When she uncovers a portrait of Violet, a girl who once lived in the house ans who went missing at the time of the murders, Ella decides to find out what happened to Violet over 150 years ago. Told from both Violet and Ella’s point of view this is a sweeping story for fans of Susanna Kearsley