For Your Own Protection by Paul Pilkington. Published by Thomas & Mercer

It’s in our nature to protect our children, and a parent’s worst fear is realized in Pilkington’s latest thriller, when a child goes missing. After the collapse of his love life, Matt intends to spend all his time with his son, Charlie. His son is his soul focus. So when the boy disappears after a trip to the local pool, Matt is willing to do anything to get him back safely.And it appears that Charlie may not be the only intended victim. Someone wants to hurt those nearest and dearest to Matt, and he’s left wondering where to turn and who to trust. The wrong decision could cost him everything he holds dearest. Every parent’s worst nightmare comes to life in this clever tale


Dead Stop by Barbara Nickless. Published by Thomas & Mercer

After a terrifyingly encounter with a gang, FBI agent Syd Parnell has lost faith in her abilities as a law enforcement officer. She’s not sure she can continue with her career until a woman is murdered and a child is kidnapped. Syd and her K9 Clyde will trace clues leading back more than thirty years, hoping to connect the dots in time to save a child. I’m a sucker for a well written police procedural, throw in a dog and you have me from page one 

Trust Me by Zosia Ward. Published by Head of Zeus

At 27, Lizzie is more of a sister to her teenage stepson than a parent; they share a close and loving bond. But when Sam’s personality does a 180 and he becomes sullen and uncommunicative, she’s determined to find out why. She believes something has happened at his school, but not only does no one believe her, they believe she’s the one responsible. A scary look inside the world of step-parenting, where you have all the responsibilities and none of the rights 

The Girl From the Sugar Plantation by Sharon Maas. Published by Bookouture 

As the mixed race child of two white planters, Mary Rose has naturally wondered about her parentage, but the truth is clouded in secrets and rumors. Mary Rose, meanwhile has fallen for another planter, Jock Campbell, but as the world creeps ever closer to war, nothing is certain and nothing is sacred. Maas transports her readers to a tropical paradise on the eve of World War II in this absorbing historical 

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks. Published by St. Martins 

It’s a story as old as time. Good looking, suave husband dumps current wife for a newer model. Ex-wife slips into self medicating with booze and begins to stalk hubby’s new girlfriend. We know this story…..or do we? This is one of the most twisted, confounding, surprising stories I’ve ever read. Without giving away plot twists, there’s not much more I can say, except her your hands on this book. Everyone will be talking about it

A Hive of Homicides by Meera Lester. Published by Kensington 

Abigail MacKenzie hasn’t regretted leaving her career in law enforcement to become a farmer and beekeeper at all. She’s helping good friend Paola set up a fab party for Paola to renew her wedding vows with husband, Jack. The ceremony goes off without a hitch, but afterward, Abby finds Jack shot dead in his car and Paola, wounded, but alive. Why would someone want the couple dead? Jack was known to have a wandering eye and could have ticked off the wrong person. But why would someone want to kill Paola? And will they try to finish the job? I like this series a lot, love the beekeeping lore and recipes 

Before it’s Too Late by Sara Driscoll. Published by Kensington 

Somewhere, a woman has been buried alive. She has a chance to survive, but only if the FBI can unravel the elaborate puzzle the killer has sent them. While the best agents work the puzzle, agent Meg Jennings and her K9 Hawk prepare to do the physical search. And they’re close, but not close enough, and the woman is dead by the time they find her. The killer is just getting started, and takes more and more victims, and the FBI keeps failing. Finally, Meg can’t take it any more and calls in her sister, a genius at puzzles, to try to beat the killer and save lives. But she’s breached Company policy and is risking her career…..and maybe her life. A chilling read that will have you turning the pages quickly