Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton. Published by Berkley

This is the story of Elisa Perez, wealthy daughter of a  Cuban sugar planter in the last days before Castro’s revolution, and her granddaughter, Marisol, in modern-day Florida. Elisa has always lived a life of privilege and never been interested in the rumblings of revolution in 1950’s Havana, but when she meets a young revolutionary, she finds herself falling in love. because of the political tides, their love affair is doomed from the beginning and Elisa and her family are forced to flee their home for Miami. Marisol grew up with her grandmother’s stories of Cuba, now that Elisa has passed away, Marisol will make her first trip to the island she’s heard so much about. She’s been charged with scattering her grandmother’s ashes over the homeland Elisa always planned to return to. While in Havana, Marisol meets her grandmother’s childhood friend and discovers the truth about Elisa’s true love. I really enjoyed the descriptions of Cuba, its sights, sounds and smells. My father also loved Cuba and spoke fondly of his trips there before the country was closed to Americans. Readers will learn a lot about the history of the country, while enjoying a trip back in time

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