The Undertaker’s Daughter by Sara Blaedel. Published by Hachette

After her parent’s divorce, Ilka and her mother left the U.S. to live in Copenhagen. Now an adult, Ilka make a living taking children’s school pictures. It’s not exciting, but it pays the bills. When her father dies, Ilka receives word that he has left her his business – a funeral home, it’s a surprise as she’s had no contact with him for years. She decides to go the U.S., to Racine, Wisconsin to see what her father has left her and to try to get some idea about what type of man her father was. The plan is to sell the business, but that gets put on fold when a man’s body is found, a man who was beaten to death. A man rumored to have killed his  high school girlfriend years ago. This is billed as suspense, but in truth, it reads more like straight fiction, as Ilka tries to come to grips with her own past. The end of the story does have an element of suspense and Blaedel is a wonderful writer – just don’t expect a thriller


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