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I like a book that keeps me off-center, guessing who is trustworthy and who is, ultimately the villain. In this story, the main character, Amber Reynolds, is in a coma. She may appear to be out of it, but she can hear everything going on around her. Amber knows her husband doesn’t love her anymore, she’s honest with herself about that, but not much else. Amber likes to lie. This is a twisted masterpiece of a thriller. I can;t say too much more without giving away the plot, just do yourself a favor and pick up this book!


Spearing takes a fascinating, scholarly look at how we used to treat illness and injury. Blaming demons, wild animals and a vengeful god were often the causes for the illnesses and the cures were often equally horrific – bleeding the patient, attaching leeches, drinking urine and using dolphin skin are only a few of the bizarre “cures” patients were subjected to. We often wax lyrical about the good old days, but the book will have you happy you live in the 21st century.

A night filled with youthful exuberance and bad choices changed Abby’s life back in 1992. Guilt ridden over causing the death of her brother, she refuses to allow herself the happiness she doesn’t feel she deserves. She turns her back on her boyfriend, Liam, believing if he knew the truth about her, he would hate her. Twenty years on Abby and her husband Nate are living a typical middle class life, even though Abby is still consumed with grief and guilt over the of of her brother. It doesn’t help that she is reminded of the accident that ended her brother’s life is sitting across the breakfast table from her every morning. Nate is the motorist who stopped that night and pulled Abby to safety, but was unable to save her brother. Still, their guilt is a strange sort of bond. Then Liam reappears, moving in to the same neighborhood and the truth about what happened that night begins to emerge. A powerful novel about guilt and not facing up to the truth

Corinne Cabot is a successful doctor and happy wife. She’s a long way from her dark and disturbing childhood and the night that changed her forever. She remembers little of that night, only that two people were killed and her father was convicted and jailed. She hasn’t seen or even communicated with her father since then. But now she’s having flashbacks to that night and she begins to see and hear things that aren’t really there…or are they? Anyone who thinks Harlequin only publishes romance novels is wrong. This thriller is one of the creepiest, most tension filled stories I’ve read in a while

A night of drinking, three friends blowing off steam. Somehow they find themselves out on a boat. Drunk and disoriented, one of them falls overboard. The remaining friends hesitate, they don’t want anything to happen to their friend, but they don’t want to alert the authorities either, because there is just the tiniest chance that his accident was anything but. As time passes and hours become days, they can no longer delude themselves that their friend has somehow survived and made it to shore. Will they keep his “accident” a secret, or will their guilt force them to come forward with the truth. This is a very effective novel about the breakdown of normal, everyday life and the soul-destroying effects of guilt

Once in a while you read a book that you identify with so strongly, you would swear the author was writing about you. For me, this is that book. Nina’s life is a mess of crap, her family is a powder keg about to blow, her marriage is over and her teenage daughter doesn’t seem to need or want her anymore. Her job is on shaky ground too, and she’s left trying to find a way to photograph images for the book 32 Ways to Make Lemonade, (is that even a thing?) Add in the sometime attention of a younger man and her ex deciding he wants he wants her back and you have a woman on the edge. This book made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me feel like I had found a kindred spirit in both Nina and Amy

Scott Fleetwood has left his career as a reporter behind after he and his family were targeted and stalked by a serial kidnapper known as the Piper. But his respite is short-lived, another kidnapper, The Shepherd has kidnapped a little girl and will speak to no one other than Scott. The Shepherd promises the girl will not be harmed as long as Scott follows his rules. Working with FBI agent Tom Shells, Scott does his best to follow the madman’s whims, reliving the pain of losing the last kidnap victim her couldn’t save. Wood writes a fast paced thriller with plenty of chills and a villain that will give parents of young children nightmares