The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon. Published by Harlequin

A night filled with youthful exuberance and bad choices changed Abby’s life back in 1992. Guilt ridden over causing the death of her brother, she refuses to allow herself the happiness she doesn’t feel she deserves. She turns her back on her boyfriend, Liam, believing if he knew the truth about her, he would hate her. Twenty years on Abby and her husband Nate are living a typical middle class life, even though Abby is still consumed with grief and guilt over the of of her brother. It doesn’t help that she is reminded of the accident that ended her brother’s life is sitting across the breakfast table from her every morning. Nate is the motorist who stopped that night and pulled Abby to safety, but was unable to save her brother. Still, their guilt is a strange sort of bond. Then Liam reappears, moving in to the same neighborhood and the truth about what happened that night begins to emerge. A powerful novel about guilt and not facing up to the truth


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