The Night Trade by Barry Eisler. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Detective Livia Lone is back and this time she’s out for revenge against the Rithisak Som, the trafficker that destroyed her childhood. The government anti-trafficking job she’s on plans a take down that goes very badly wrong. That’s when she meets Dox, a marine sniper who’s wants Som as much as she does. The two team up, even though their methods and motives may differ. The only thing they want is justice….and maybe a little revenge. What they don’t expect is to find themselves working against their own government, as Som’s is connected to some of the most powerful men in the United States. I love the fact that Eisler, as a man isn’t afraid to create a strong independent heroine more than capable of taking care of herself.


Island in the East by Jenny Ashcroft. Published by Little, Brown UK

This novel has two timelines, one in the 19th century, one during the height of World War II, both in Singapore. In 1897 Harriet and Mae, two twins born on the wrong side of the sheets are sent to Singapore, where one of them will marry the man their father has chosen for them. Mae would be happy for the match, but Harriet finds David creepy and distasteful. Over 40 years later, Mae’s granddaughter, Ivy, is also in Singapore, helping with the war effort, trying to get over the guilt of the loss of a man she cared for, and the nightmare bombing raid that buried her alive with a dead man for hours. I was immersed in the sights and sounds of Singapore and the fates of grandmother and granddaughter in this impossible to put down historical novel

Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler. Published by Kensington

What’s worse than a two timing husband? His ghost. Holly Davis is less than thrilled when her sleazy husband, Burls’ ghost shows up at her Louisiana inn and family plantation, Holly Grove. The family home that she’s now in danger of losing thanks to her dead husband. Has he sown up to make amends before he can “go into the light”? Not exactly. It turns out that Burl was involved with some pretty nasty characters and now he wants her help to break up a drug ring. While she doesn’t really want to get involved, Holly knows that people love a good ghost story and agrees to help if Burl continues to haunt the inn, thus drawing in more guests. What a fun read! Loved the old plantation , the new flame and the fact that Holly’s hubby got what was coming to him

Beignets and Broomsticks by J.R. Published by Severn House

What could be better than a warm beignet? How about a pumpkin flavored one? Maggie Millers little seasonal donuts are flying off the shelves of her cafe. But when one of her customers, Nancy Alverson is found dead, strangled to death, Maggie trades her chef’s toque for a deerstalker. Halloween is fast approaching, is that the reason Nancy was reading so many books about witchcraft, or is there a more sinister connotation? What an enjoyable cozy read! The story is told around Halloween, but readers will enjoy this story any time of the year

Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers by Sara Ackerman. Published by Harlequin

In the midst of World War II, tensions are high in Hawaii. Violet’s husband has been lost somewhere in the Pacific, and as if the horror of that situation isn’t bad enough, there are those who question whether he had been loyal to his country or not. Violet and her friends try to pass the time by making pies for the soldiers that are stationed on the island. All the women know is that the soldiers are on a top-secret mission. In the midst of all this, racism rears its ugly head, and the Japanese residents of the island begin to be discriminated. Violet takes a stand for them and is accused of spying for the enemy. She’s saved by a tough marine sergeant, a man she might be able to learn to love, but as he prepare to ship off to Iwo Jima, she question whether she can risk her heart being broken again. A lovely historical novel that demonstrates that while ignorance and prejudice can destroy, love and knowledge can redeem

Let Me In by Clare Mackintosh. Published by Berkley

Imagine your father committing suicide. Then imagine your mother committing suicide in the same way and in the same place seven months later. Their daughter, Anna, is still trying to come to terms with it all two years on. Now a mom to an infant daughter, Anna believes she can feel her mother there with her, and she begins to question the validity of the suicide verdicts. Why would her parents, two people who had everything to live for, kill themselves. It becomes imperative to Anna that she uncover the truth, for herself, her daughter and her parents. Mackintosh has taken the publishing world by storm with her incredibly twisted plots and shocking endings. Readers won’t be disappointed by her newest entry, which, I believe may be her best to date

A Whisper of Bones by Ellen Hart. Published by St. Martins

Badass PI Jane Lawless is back. This time she’s hired by Brett Ickels who wants Jane to look into the disappearance of her cousin, Timmy, who her aunts tell her now never existed. But Brett remembers Timmy from childhood and a nasty family argument. When the family garage burns to the ground, bones are found buried beneath it, is this the long-lost Timmy? Before Jane can get the answers she needs from the aunts, one of them dies a suspicious death. Accident? Or something more sinister. And you thought your family was bad? This is a great series with a strong intelligent female lead and a mystery that will keep readers guessing