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Two sisters spend six days together in Spain after spending much of their adult lives apart. Over the course of the week they finally talk about the shared secrets and fears from their childhood. This isn’t a huge, splashy novel, rather it’s a quietly intense story about childhood trauma.


It’s been almost 20 years since Joanna Guthrie was kidnapped and held along with two other women for 14 horror filled days. Jo doesn’t like to think about what she did to survive, she never talks about it. But now more women are disappearing and Jo knows she might be able to help. She decides to tell the truth about what happened to her, the problem is FBI agent Tony LeDoux isn’t sure he believes her. This was a fast paced thriller that grabbed me from the get go, Webb creates the ultimate villain

It was supposed to be a move that would make her life easier, but Abby Markham’s decision to accept a teaching job in little Lewisburg, Indiana will prove to be anything but easy. During a jog, she comes across a burning car, one man dead at the wheel, another smiling at her from the sidelines. This is only the first murder in a peaceful little town that is actually anything but. An intense intricately plotted thriller with a determined and spunky heroine

Things finally seem to be headed Dani’s way, she’s inherited a huge old house in a college town that will enable her to put her cooking skills to use. She launches Chef-To-Go, selling meals to hungry college students. To help make ends meet while she’s building her business , she rents out a couple of rooms to college kids who become almost like extended family. When one of them is murdered, Dani’s heartbroken, but even worse, she’s one of the suspects. This is a charming cozy mystery that will please Swanson’s fans

Hoping that a change of scenery will help bolster their flagging marriage, Caroline and Francis swap their city apartment for a townhouse in a quiet corner of London. Of course, their problems aren’t magically cured by the move, and their attempts at fixing what seems to be too broken to mend are further complicated by a neighbor that seems to be obsessed with them. At the same time, Caroline starts having odd bits of deja vu. She seems to recognize things in the house that she should have no knowledge of. And that raises a question about the person who arranged the house swap. Someone obviously knows the secrets that Caroline has tried to conceal. I can’t say too much more without giving away a major plot twist, just take my word for it and read this intense and gripping thriller

Ruthie Beamish has a beach house she loves more than almost anything in the world, but there’s a price to be paid for owning such an expensive piece of property. To afford it, she has to rent it out during the summer months. This years renters consist of an uber wealthy widow and her handsome stepson. This year is especially difficult as a cast of characters, including Ruthie’s old boyfriend descend upon the town. When Ruthie stand to lose everything, her jo, her home and her family, she will have to learn to stand up for herself or risk losing it all. A scathing look at the world of the have and the have-nots, this is the perfect beach read

No matter how bad the weather, no matter how ugly the political climate, I know I can always find respite in one of Laura Childs’ books. This time Theodosia Browning is watching the Gaslights and Galleons Parade from Timothy Neville’s Charleston mansion when a local banker falls over a porch railing to his death. Or so it would appear, Carson Lanier was actually shot with a crossbow. As usual, Theodosia investigates, but the highlight of this series is her interaction with her employees at the Indigo Tea Shop and the yummy recipes. Perfect after a long stressful day