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Walters takes readers to one of the darkest periods of human history, 14th century England where the Black Death holds sway. Only Lady Anne believes that the plague is caused by infection and lack of sanitation, the Church decrees the plague has been sent by God to destroy the wicked. Lady Anne has been educated and believes she can save her people if she separates them from the rest of the infected. With her husband away, Anne brings the people of her small holding inside her moated great house, hoping to keep them safe. But a woman who turns her head from God is a woman to be feared and hated and she has enemies living under own roof. Even if Anne can keep her people alive, what will await them in the world outside after the illness has passed? This book kept me up all night, I was fascinated (and horrified) at the conditions people lived in and loved Lady Anne, a strong woman who would let nothing stand in her way


Gracie Ashcroft has amnesia after a terrible accident and she finds she cannot return to the life she was reading before her injury. Leaving behind her friends  and fiance, Gracie travels to the flower farm her late mother left her. Gracie begins to love her life, the one she’s living now, and is worried that if her memory returns, she will lose that new life. Is it better to start over and leave the past buried forever? A lovely story about finding a second chance where you least expect it

On a Bronze Age archaeological dig in Yorkshire, Grace Nichols is finding the work harder than she anticipated, She’s really only there to spend time with her best friend Tabitha. Things get a lot more interesting when a woman from the vanishes and the dig supervisor, Duncan MacDonald worries that her disappearance may be somehow linked to his own past. The search brings Grace and Duncan together as they search for answers they may not really be prepared for. An enjoyable time slip story with strong characters and a gorgeous setting

I am an armchair traveller aficionado and I believe I have read more books about great American road trips than your average Joe, so I have become a pretty astute judge at what makes a travel book successful – the photos. This book has some of the most gorgeous job dropping photography I’ve ever seen. These are pictures you can fall into and get lost. And for those lucky enough to make the journey for real, there’s plenty of practical information about how to make each of these 36 trips a reality

Ever since he was a child and stumbled upon a strange and frightening fairy tale in his family library, Charles Hayden has been fascinated by In the Night Wood and its elusive author. In college, he meets and falls in love with a woman who is Hollow’s many times removed relative. Years later, the couple has married and suffered the incalculable loss of their young daughter when they get word that they have inherited Hollow’s crumbling estate in England. Hoping for a fresh start, the couple heads to England, only to be reminded again and again of what they have lost. And local children have gone missing, all bearing a resemblance to Charles’s dead child. Is the wood surrounding the estate really haunted? Or is something else happening to the local children? This Gothic story is written is some of the most beautiful language I have ever read. I would often pause just to savor a sentence or a phrase. Highly recommended for both its beauty and its menace

Claire has built a new life for herself after her father’s brutal attack and murder of her mother and the family’s nanny when Claire was just a young child. Her father escaped and Claire went on to become a doctor, but she’s never forgotten the man who tried to kill her mother, the same man who tucked her in at night and took her for ice cream. When the police alert Claire that there has been anther sighting of her father overseas, she discounts it, it’s happened so many time before after all. But it starts her thinking, how can she really go on with her life until she finds out what really happened that long ago night? And the only way she can find those answers is to find her father. While not as exciting as Under the Harrow,  Berry’s previous book, this is still a darn good thriller

A coming of age story reminiscent of Stand by Me, this story of 4 boys, the Qutsider’s Club have a summer adventure that will transform their lives.  While hanging out in the woods, the boys find a car that has been burned, along with a body in the trunk and plenty of cash. The boys see it as a chance to solve a real life mystery, they never expected the whole thing to be so dangerous. But when that much cash goes missing, someone s bound to come looking for it. and the Collector has no interest in playing games with a bunch of kids, he just wants his money and to make sure those four kids never reveal what they saw